IE toolbar - on-the-fly calculations and speedy navigation

The Arb Cruncher toolbar is a handy IE toolbar that performs quick arbitrage and trading calculations, and provides quick links to the popup calculator and other useful betting sites. It can be downloaded and installed into IE browsers with just one click.

The Arb Cruncher toolbar sits at the top of your IE browser alongside any other toolbars that you may have installed, such as the Google , Yahoo or Alexa toolbars.

Screenshot of the toolbar being used to green up on Chelsea after their Premiership price rose from 1.42 to 1.78.

Betting calculations inside your toolbar

The toolbar contains 2 betting calculators that output their results within the toolbar itself, allowing you to continue viewing the same web page while peforming your calculations. These calculators are miniature versions of the Multiback and Back/Lay calculators in the full version of the Arb Cruncher sports betting calculator.
  • B/B: Back all selections for a guaranteed profit, or dutch for a level profit (max 3 selections)
  • B/L: Green up after price movements, or arb Back and Lay prices

Easy access to the popup calculator and essential sites

The toolbar also has a dropdown menu that gives you immediate access to the popup betting calculator straight from your browser.

You can even select which of the 7 main calculators you would like to go first. You must be online to use the toolbar's mini calculators and to open the popup betting calculator.

The dropdown menu also contains in-built links to essential betting sites, such as the Racing Post, Sporting Life and LiveScore. This is a handy feature that really speeds up your browsing and information retrieval.

You can toggle the display of the toolbar from View > Toolbars in your browser. You can also uninstall the toolbar from its dropdown menu if you need to cover your tracks! Multiple downloads are permitted.

Toolbar screenshots

Screenshot of toolbar being used for an arbitrage calculation
This shows B/B being used to calculate how much to place on a tennis player at 1.91 with a tax-free bookie when there is 280 available to back his opponent on Betdaq at 2.54. Place 365.58 on the favorite and 280 on his opponent in order to guarantee a profit of 52.68. This represents a yield of 8.16%.

Screenshot of toolbar being used for a trading calculation

You have layed a horse at 2.10 for 150 on Betfair and the it has now drifted out to 2.25. You would like to green up at this price for a level profit. B/L tells you to place 140 on the horse in order to earn an immediate trading profit of 9.50, whatever the final result.

Screenshot of toolbar being used for a dutching calculation

This screenshot shows B/B calculating how to dutch the top 3 in the Champions League market on Betfair for a total stake of $1,000. If you place $442.67 on Barcelona at 5.10, $396.07 on Chelsea at 5.70 and $161.26 on Real Madrid at 14.00, you will win a profit of $1,194.74 if either wins. This equates to a return of 119.47%, which means that you are effectively getting a price of 2.19 that one of the top 3 in the market will win the CL. The screenshot shows how the toolbar sits in your IE browser, alongside any other toolbars that you may have like the Google toolbar.

Screenshot of toolbar's dropdown menu
This toolbar's dropdown menu provides immediate 1-click accesss to the popup Arb Cruncher popup betting calculator and to other essential betting sites. This screenshot shows the toolbar opening up the Sporting Life website. Needless to say, you can carry on calculating within the toolbar while viewing the site.

Downloading the Arb Cruncher toolbar

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Arb Cruncher Toolbar System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP.
Browser: Internet Explorer Version 5 or later.
Memory and HD: Min. 64 MB Ram, 1 MB free HD.

Arb Cruncher Toolbar Download Details
Download Time: 30 seconds @ 56K modem
Download File Size: 126 KB
Installer: Webbar CAB Installer
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