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The Binary Converter calculator calculates:
  • The fixed odds equivalent of binary prices

Calculating the fixed odds equivalent of binary prices
Australia are priced at 73.50 in the outright market for the Ashes series on a binary betting site. You would like to back (buy) them, but are not sure if this binary price represents better value than the Betfair price of 1.33. This example shows you that the fixed odds equivalent of buying 73.50 is 1.34, after allowing for a 5% commission rate on the binary betting site. Selling the Aussies at that price would also be the same as backing them not to win at 3.63. If the binary betting site uses a spread instead of a commission rate, remember to set Comm to 0.00% and enter the relevant price in Binary Price.

Calculating the fixed odds equivalent of binary prices

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