Doubler betting calculator

The Doubler calculator calculates:
  • Single stakes for running synthetic doubles through 3 non-simultaneous events.

Calculating single stakes for running synthetic doubles through 3 non-simultaneous events.
This shows Doubler calculating the correct single-bet stakes for running synthetic 100.00 doubles through 3 non-simultaneous events on 3 different betting exchanges priced at 3.00, 3.20 and 3.25. This allows you to extract far better value from the "doubles" than with a shorter-priced fixed odds bookmakers.

In this example, Doubler instructs you to place 200.00 on the 1st event. Your stake on the 2nd event will depend on the outcome of the 1st event. If your bet in the 1st event wins, you should place 390.00 on the 2nd selection. However, if your 1st selection loses, you are instructed to place 100.00 on the 2nd selection.

The figures in the Overall Profit row indicate your profit for each possible configuration of winning doubles. For example, if the 1st and 3rd selections win (WLW), you would earn an overall profit, after commission, of 613.14.

It also includes your profit of 380.00 if you decide to stop betting after the 1st selection wins. This system therefore gives you the freedom and flexibility to take a profit from a successful 1st bet, an option not available to punters who have placed doubles with a fixed odds bookmaker.

Select Trixie if you would like to run a treble and 3 doubles through the 3 selections.

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