The Evolution of Sports Betting

MOnce the internet became a fixed part of everyday life you would have thought that the gambling industry would take advantage of the opportunity that sports betting offers but in fact it took quite some time before some of sites created mobile betting apps for tablets and smart phones.

This was because the actual legality was in question as anyone could use such an app even if they were in a jurisdiction where sports betting was mainly illegal. Once everything was sorted out, betting using mobile devices soon became available and widely enjoyed by the general public.

The original apps were only available through Google Play for Android devices but in 2014 Google actually banned sports betting apps whereas Apple included such apps in the Apple Store (as long as they cost customers nothing to install.)

The whole reason behind this change of heart from Google Play is that it was too simple for anyone to download their apps even if they were living in a place where online gambling was not permitted by law, although when you download something with Apple Store you are tied to the specific app store that is legal for your country of residence. This makes the illegal use of the app far more difficult in jurisdictions where online gambling is not permitted.

When you enjoy online casinos and visit and Play Gaming Club and other top quality online sites you can see why there has been a mobile revolution as far as the gambling industry goes. Online casinos have gone far to make customer experience a truly entertaining one providing sites that are incredibly immersive and user friendly. Of course there are those welcome bonuses and other promotional offers to take advantage of and all of this is in a safe and secure environment that only enhances any game play.

Sports betting is great for those players who want to place a bet on a sporting event and has been around since the colonists of the US were known to gamble on fight matches, cock fights and horse racing. The UK also has a long tradition of placing a bet so taking that love across the pond comes as no surprise.

It's widely acknowledged that betting, whether its legal or illegal take place on almost all of the professional games, sports betting is a simple way to do just that, but from a place that is convenient to you, and in an attempt to make their sports betting websites the one you choose, the online bookmakers are constantly adding new betting options and markets to their own sportsbooks.

Understand the terms of sports betting can appear to be a little daunting when you first look at it with terms like scorecast betting causing some confusion, but there is help out there, so don't let this put you off. In fact there are betting glossaries where you can find frequently used terms explained in plain English, which is always welcomed!

This form of placing a bet on the go has proven to be a very popular pastime and is now as widely used as the traditional method of dropping into the bookies on the high street, and as mobile technology advances so the experience of placing a bet through your mobile devices become even more immersive and thus more entertaining.
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