How to Claim a Free Sports Bet

There are a few basic ways that the free sport bet works, with some offering you a small free bet to tempt you but this bet will have no deposit required which means that you do not have to use any of your own money, whilst others will offer you a free bet once you have made an initial deposit. A few sites will actually match the first bet you make (usually up to a maximum amount) and the rest tend to offer you a free bet via the match bonus on your deposit amount.

What should be remembered is that offers tend to change, so a site that does not offer a free bet one month will do so the next, this means that you should keep your eye on the sites that you enjoy in case one has a better offer, really it is the old adage of 'never having your eggs all in one basket.' Don't stick to the same site, shop about just like you would for any other deal. This rule tends to apply to sportsbooks more as no deposit bets are not as common as the no deposit slots, poker, bingo and table game offers, but they are out there, so keep checking.

Any sportsbook you use online should definitely be regulated and have a license to show this as unfortunately there are those out there simply trying to get your money, but if you use an up-front sportsbook that has a proven track record for its safety and security then you cannot go far wrong.

Just like using any other site online, checking out what is on offer is the way to keep safe, and you could always use a comparison site which takes the hard work out of finding a good site to play at. Cassava bingo sites is a great example of a good quality comparison site that offers bingo players a range of sites to play at after rating and ranking each site before adding them to its pages. It makes sure that each site that is included is safe, secure, is independently audited and has the certificate to show, plus any site adheres to the rules and regulations of its jurisdiction.

There a few different type of sportsbets you can make and below for you interest is a list of the most popular ones:
  • Spread betting are wagers that are made against the spread or line which is a number given by the bookie that handicaps one team and favours the other.
  • Moneyline bets have no spread or handicap but the favourite team has lower odds that the underdog so will payout less.
  • Parlays involve lots of bets (can be up to 12) and rewards are big. If one of the bets does not come in the bet is lost.
  • Progressive Parlays again involve multiple bets and although the payout is big it is not as big as the large as the normal parlays, this is because a unlike a regular parlay if a bet goes down there will be a reduced payout given. It's a bit like edging your bets.
  • Proposition bets are made on the outcome of a match like predicting the number of goals scored in a football match.
  • Teasers allows the gambler to combine his bets on two or even more games, and he can also adjust the point spreads for the two games, although he must get all the games right to win.
There are some great sites out there that provide sportsbets and this form of gambling can give an even greater edge to the excitement of watching your favourite sport, if you have not already experienced it, its well worth checking out.
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