Arb Cruncher - free online sports betting calculator

Arb Cruncher is a free online sports betting calculator that calculates level-profit stakes for arbitrage betting, trading and dutching on betting exchanges. It also performs many other useful calculations for Asian handicap betting, binary betting, price inversion, implied probability, the Kelly criterion and much more.

The Arb Cruncher online calculator is shown below and is also available in a popup window. Immediate access to the popup calculator is also provided by the downloadable Arb Cruncher toolbar that performs quick trading and arbitrage calculations on the fly. (IE browsers only)

Arb Cruncher's 17 betting calculators

Arb Cruncher now contains 17 betting calculators that perform lightning quick calculations for a wide range of betting situations on betting exchanges and with bookies.

Multiback calculates the stakes for:
Backing all selections for a guaranteed level profit (arbing an underround book)
Dutching multiple selections for a level profit (if one of them wins)

Multilay calculates the stakes for:
Laying all selections for a guaranteed level profit (laying an overround book)
Laying multiple selections for a level profit if all of them lose (lay dutching)

Back/Lay calculates the stakes for:
Locking in a guaranteed level profit after a price rise (lay first, back later)
Locking in a guaranteed level profit after a price fall (back first, lay later)
Arbing Back and Lay prices for a guaranteed level profit (back and lay at same time)

Dutch Each Way calculates the stakes for:
Backing multiple selections each way for a level profit if one of them wins
Backing multiple selections each way for a level profit if one of them is placed

Draw No Bet calculates the stakes for:
Backing both the Win and the Draw so that you profit from a Win and break even from the Draw

Price Improver calculates the stakes for:
Creating more value by combining a fixed odds bet with a spread bet

Asian Handicap calculates:
The net profit from Asian handicap bets (full-ball, half-bell and quarter-ball)

Parlay calculates:
The winnings from permed bets (multiples)

Doubler calculates:
Single stakes for running synthetic doubles (or a trixie) through 3 non-simultaneous events.

Position Squarer calculates the stakes for:
Trading a winning selection into a breakeven position (P&L=0)
Trading a losing selection into a breakeven position (P&L=0)

Permutator calculates:
The number of available permutations in multiples betting

Price Invertor calculates:
The Back equivalent of Lay prices (and, by definition, vice versa)

Layer's Aid calculates:
The liability on a Lay bet
How much can be layed for a given liability

Price Probability calculates:
The implied probabily of any given price
The mathematically correct price for any given probability

Actual Pricer calculates:
The effective betting exchange price after commission

Binary Converter calculates:
The fixed odds equivalent of binary prices

Kelly Criterion calculates:
The optimal stake according to the Kelly Criterion

New enhanced version of Back/Lay gives more information

If you enjoy using Back/Lay, you must try our new Back/Lay betting calculator that breaks down the final Net Profit figure into its Back Bet Profit, Lay Bet Profit and Commission Paid components, for both outcomes.

For same-market bets it also displays the Market Profit from which commisson is deducted,as is shown by the screenshot below.

This free online calculator makes it easy for you not just to calculate your level-profit stakes, but also to understand the inner workings of those tricky Back/Lay trades and arbs.


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Enjoy on-the-fly calculations with downloadable IE toolbar

The Arb Cruncher toolbar allows you to perform quick arbitrage and trading calculations inside your IE browser toolbar while viewing other pages. The toolbar's dropdown menu also provides immediate 1-click access to the online popup calculator and other essential betting sites.

The Arb Cruncher toolbar only works in Internet Explorer browsers (IE5 or later), and on Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000 or XP operating systems. It is not supported by Vista.

Download the Arb Cruncher toolbar

Toolbar screenshot (arbing with B/B)
Click the image above to see the toolbar being used to calculate the stakes required to dutch Arsenal (1.90) and Man Utd (3.0) to win the Premiership for a level return of 15.51%, after commission of 5%.

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