How to find value bet was found by the Fun88 expert

To identify the value of the game when betting is extremely simple for longtime players. However, with many new players, it is certainly a lot of surprises. Because finding value bets and placing bets requires good experience and skills. Let's find out the method of identifying the most valid bet Fun88 in the following article.

What are value bets

Value bets in football will increase the chances of winning in each match, which equates to a higher odds of winning at site betting Fun88. Value bets are the brightest, easy to identify bets, the odds are high. Usually only appears once a week or more. The important thing is that players need to get out there to book and make big profits for themselves.

1. How to know

You all know that big tournaments, news, information about the team as well as everything is always evaluated, analyzed more by experts. Thus, the collection and search of your information will also be simpler and easier than finding small tournaments. This way you can also get better quality betting.

Identify value bets across European and Asian bets: According to the experience of expert from BET88 betting review site sharing back, when seeing European and Asian odds together, the home team will often win the match. Those who predict this team will naturally win. At this time you will often see the bargain dish disparity rate is quite high of the rafter that the dealer put to you. If observant, you need to stay away and should not stick to those bad things to avoid losing. When you see Asian bets increase slowly or decrease, especially before the game about 1 hour without any special changes, you can be assured with your bet.

2. Get to know the odds and time of the bet

When you see between the top and bottom teams. If you see a handicap in a high-ranking team, that means the favorite has started to invest 1 and then has dropped to 3/4 before 3 hours before the start of the match. And seeing the bet increase so many times, you choose the lower door instead of the upper door to bring yourself to victory.

The house that offers European football contracts in favor of peace and Asia increased by about 1/4, you can breathe a sigh of relief and choose the home team for your scent.

The team is being voted well and away kick with a handicap of 1/2, at this time you should not choose the upper team with a slightly higher strength but you can choose the home team. Because the spirit of fighting for the support of everyone will always be the motivation to do so many miracles in football a lot.

In case the high-ranking team kicks away at the handicap rate 3/4 but the winnings continue to decline sharply before 4 hours of play but within 30 minutes of a rapid increase again, do not hesitate, but look for the team immediately.

The rate of ball racking ranges from 0 to 0.25, most people will choose the visitors more. Because the chance of winning the match is much higher. Ratio from 0, 5 and 0, 25. When participating in betting, it is not strange that the problem of contract fluctuations, odds and everything can change quickly. At such times, remember immediately if you reduce from 1/4 to 0 and the prize money increases in the final contract là then everyone can choose the lower gate to play.

3. How to choose

Catch the right time: Players should bet before the game takes place about 4-5 hours.

Based on reality: The outcome of a match will be influenced by many other factors such as the weather situation played that day, the health status of the players, the coach's tactics or the mental influence of the matches.


Above is all the information about value bets and how to choose value bets that our betting experts have summarized. Value bets are easy to win and can bring in huge amounts of money so you should never miss this rare opportunity when you are playing football betting at Fun88. Good luck for you.
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