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Version: 430M

Arb Cruncher Instructions

The calculators are very easy and intuitive to use. Just enter the bet details in the white input boxes and view the results in the grey output boxes.

  1. Open the calculator that you want to use from the top righthand dropdown menu. By default, Arb Cruncher opens at the Multiback calculator.

  2. Enter the Price(s) of your selection(s). Arb Cruncher automatically converts fractional or US prices into decimals.

  3. Enter your Stake. This can be your Total Stake, your Stake on a selection that's subject to a stake constraint (bookies stake limit, exchange liquidity, etc.), or your Back or Lay Stake if you've already placed the 1st bet of a trade.*

  4. Enter your applicable commission rate(s) in the Comm column.

  5. Click Calculate to view the calculation results in the grey output boxes.