RebelBetting review – Can you really profit on sports betting?

Bettors are always looking for the best value for their money. While there’s no way to make sports betting safe and win all the time, companies such as RebelBetting have great products that increase profit for all bettors. In short, this tech-oriented company offers smart betting services that target end consumers.

The core values of the company are honesty, professionalism, and transparency. It aims to stay true to all three across all of its products. RebelBetting offers a sure betting and a value betting product while managing risks and variance and protecting your bankroll in the process. How? RebelBetting aims to help punters get the most out of each bet and lessen variance. It’s a huge task, but one the company is very successful at. .

How Did It Start?

RebelBetting was launched in 2007 as the brainchild of two pro poker players with a crazy idea – a tool that guarantees profit in sports betting. After rave reviews from users that saw over 10% increase in profit after just a month, the tool went from fantasy to reality and has attracted the attention of over 130,000 bettors since. .

What Are RebelBetting’s Top Products?

The service has two main products – sure betting and value betting. It’s a service with a monthly subscription – just like you’re paying for Netflix. The platform is tooled for both new and seasoned bettors. .

Sure betting

Is there such a thing as sure betting on sports? Yes, there is if you use sure betting by RebelBetting. How does it work? Well, imagine being able to cover all outcomes in a match and make a profit regardless of the outcome. In essence, that’s what RebelBetting’s product offers and is used by more than 130,000 bettors worldwide. .

It’s the world’s most popular sure betting service. Users win every time with guaranteed profit, and it turns gambling into an investment. No matter how each match ends, you make a profit. If you’re curious to see how it works, you’re in luck. RebelBetting has a 14-day trial of sure betting that doesn’t even require entering your credit card. Just register via email and the trial period is yours. You’re not obliged to pay for the service after the trial. Fair enough. .

RebelBetting’s servers collect millions of odds every minute, and it’s siphoned into countless sure betting opportunities that will make you a profitable bettor. What’s the profit range? More than 100,000 users have reported 10-20% per month with RebelBetting’s sure betting product, which is a fantastic number for beginners. .

Value betting

RebelBetting’s value betting product is a subscription service too. With it, you’ll be placing bets that have a much better chance of winning than the odds imply. That’s why it’s called value betting – it provides value bets and give you the edge over bookmakers. .

RebelBetting’s value betting product is available for a monthly fee. It all starts with a 14-day trial of value betting without a credit card required. If you don’t like it after 2 weeks, just stop using it. It’s that easy. It is the company’s most popular product for a reason though. Users have reported an average ROI of 32% monthly, and if that doesn’t lure you in, we don’t know what will. .

A total of 5.1 million value bets have been placed with this product, with a total member profit of €3.6 million. RebelBetting has a calculator that will tell you how much money you could make per month, making it far easier to understand why you should sign up for the service. .

Profit Guarantee

RebelBetting is 100% confident in their products. They’re sure that they work. To back it up, they offer a Profit Guarantee. How does it work? Easy. If you don’t make a profit in the first month, you get another one for free. .

And it doesn’t stop there. You’ll get an extra month for free as long as you go a month without profit. RebelBetting takes the risk so bettors don’t have to. The free month will continue until you make profit. But, let’s be frank here. The value betting and sure betting products are so good we doubt you’ll ever need to even claim their Profit Guarantee. .

RebelBetting Pros and Cons

Like any betting service, RebelBetting has its pros and cons. The good news is that the products are greatly valued by users from all over the world. And that the services does exactly what they promise. In short, the pros far outweigh the cons listed below.

  • 14-day free trial across all products
  • Simple to track performance and statistics with the BetTracker
  • Great guides on both sure- and value betting
  • Get a month for free if you don’t make profit again and again
  • Risk-free products
  • Automatic calculators at the site make calculating profit a breeze
  • Sounds too good to be true at first glance which may stop you from subscribing. But you won’t regret it when you eventually subscribe
  • .

Great Products for Smart Bettors

RebelBetting isn’t the only software of its kind, but it surely beats the competition by a mile. The products allow you to find the best possible bets by narrowing down the perceived value and edge of each bet when you sign up for the service. You get 2 weeks for free to play around and see how the products work. If you need more info on value- and sure betting, the guides at the site will help.

Try RebelBetting 2 weeks for FREE and we’re sure you’ll come back for more.

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