Choosing the Right Casino

Casino enthusiasts now face a myriad of websites offering tempting online casino games and bonuses. Our advice is no different to what it would be for any bricks-and-mortar casino. Avoid unregulated dodgy-looking casinos and in general stick to the better known brands. The best way of checking an online casino's respectability and safety is to look for eCogra (e-Commerce And Online Gaming Gaming Regulations And Assurance) certification. This is like a seal of approval that guarantees reliability.

We care about our site visitors so we collected especially for you a few of those criteria:
  • Best bonus offers-including big deposit matches, sign up and favorable wagering requirements
  • Casino license-recognized and respected authorities
  • Game quality and a big selection-including mobile options and payout percentage
  • Good and flexible banking options-including variety of payout method, pre-paid card, faster withdrawal times in your own currency, such as GBP, CAD, AUD and NZD.
If you play roulette in bricks-and-mortar casinos, assuming a completely random unbiased wheel, you will never, in the long run, be able to beat the mathematical edge that the casino has over you.

However, you have one crucial advantage over the casino! And that is the control over the amount of time you spend at the table (or the keyboard, for online casinos). You can stand up and leave at any time, but the casino is obliged to carry on spinning that wheel until closing time. In order to exploit this unique advantage, I recommend the use of a modest progression that will generate a steady flow of revenue. All you need to do is commit yourself to a series of bets on the same selections that generate a level profit at whatever stage of the progression any of your selected numbers are hit.

There is no need to launch into a kamikaze Martingale progression. Just select a goodish number of numbers to guarantee a regular revenue flow (minimum 7) and then stake accordingly to earn a level profit.

If a progression fails, don't panic. Just start another one. Your aim is to wait for a good sequence of numbers that will allow you to leave the table with an overall profit. You are like the surfer of chance, just waiting for a good wave that you can ride before cashing in your chips.

Our other tips for online casinos would be to avoid gambling under the influence of alcohol. Logging on to an online casino when you get back from the pub is a complete No-No!

Our final tip would be to self-impose a maximum daily deposit limit, to avoid those rushes of blood that lead to disastrous chasing of losses.

For your reference, please take a look at the top 10 best online casinos to see which are the safest and most reliable online casinos out there.


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